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  ...Center will be an exceptional locus

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Center’s graduate and undergraduate nanoscholars are actively engaged in cutting edge studies of the nanoworld.

Each summer the Center invites talented students from across the Nations to participate in the Center’s Summer Nanoscholar’s ProgramS.

Each year a teachers from area middle and high schools  and Center nanoscholars for teams that develop problem-based learning cases to be used in area classroom.


Kim Alston                     Westlake High School

Joel Aquino                   West Hall High School

William Bagot                Douglas High School



Yolanda McKee           Carver School of Technology

Janiele Lewis                McNair High School



Yvette Gilbert                Miller Grove High School

Robert Hairston            Cedar Grove High School

Lawrence Harris           South Atlanta School of Health

                                           and Medical Science

Yolanda McKee           Carver School of Technology



Kyshia Ewing                Cedar Grove High School

Lark Lewis                     Hapeville Charter Career


Malissa Summers        McNair Middle School

Deirdre Mitchell            McNair Middle School



Rama Balachandran    Riverwood International

                                          Charter High School

Lucretia Gant                Chamblee Charter High School

Amiraht Stabler            Druid Hills High School


Shanice Estrada          Clark Atlanta University

Jenessica Howard

Mark Patton                   Clark Atlanta University

Devon Smith                 Clark Atlanta University

Stacey Smith


Sharee Ashford            Fort Valley State University

Latasha Battle               Georgia Perimeter College

DeNiya Dozier               Fort Valley State University

Brandy Jones                Clark Atlanta University

Laurenee London         Clark Atlanta University

Sylvia Wandu                Georgia Perimeter College



Marcus Johnson          Clark Atlanta University

Andrea Jones                Fort Valley State University

Christian Mustroph       Wake Forest University

Raquel Rosier               Clark Atlanta University

Cori Smith                     Clark Atlanta University

SharnekWalker            Fort Valley State University

Anika Wallace               Fort Valley State University

Shanice Williams         Fort Valley State University



Ariel Cobb                     Clark Atlanta University

Johnny Green               Southern University Shreveport

Tahirah Heath               Clark Atlanta University

Toie Hicks                     Fort Valley State University

Bertha Hill                     Fort Valley State University

Noor Mohamed            Georgia Perimeter College

Jennifer Msigwa           Xavier University of Louisiana

Shanice Scott                Fort Valley State University

Sarah St. John             Kentucky State University



Denavard Antione        Georgia Perimeter College

Shinita Baker                 Alcorn State University

Brittney Brisco               Fort Valley State University

Amrael Brown               Lane College

Jocelyne Fuller             West Lake High School

                                       ACS Project SEED

Kason Gresham           Tri-Cities High School

                                       ACS Project SEED

Clarissa Hernandez     Tri-cCties High School

                                       ACS Project SEED

Chavella Roberson      Fort Valley State University

Maria Saddler                Tuskegee University



Jereme Doss                                                                                 Doctoral Student

Clark Atlanta University                                                               B. S. 2004

Advisor:  Ishrat M. Khan

Jereme  has been investigating supramolecular structures.  He has synthesized a series of di-, tri- and tetrafunctional biodegradable lactide based polymers having potential in drug delivery and in controlling cell surface interactions. Jereme is currently developing self-assembled supramolecular structures from these biodegradable polymers.

Stephan Mathis                                                                           Doctoral Student

Florida State University                                                               B.S. 2007

Advisor: Conrad Ingram

Stephan is studying the Utilization of delaminated zeolite’s microporous structures in the esterification of fatty acids for biofuel applications, which will find application as renewable energy sources.   By refining the catalysis of fatty acids, the utilization of renewable energy sources can become more cost efficient and a practical means of large scale energy production can be realized.



Chantel Nicolas                                                                           Doctoral Student

Barnard College-Columbia University                                       B.S.  2007

Advisor:  Ishrat M. Khan

Chantel is interested in experimental polymer chemistry with a focus on theory and molecular modeling of nanomaterials.  She is using both experimental and theoretical approaches in order to probe graphene derivatives and other nanomaterials.  The combination of experimental polymer chemistry and theoretical modeling studies will allows her to make predictions that can both provide more efficient and sustainable approaches to experimentation.

Olayinka O. Ogunro II                                                                Doctoral Student

Austin College                                                                                B.A.  2001

Advisors: Issifu I. Harruna & Xiao-Qian Wang

Olayinka in interested in computational materials science and physical organic chemistry and is currently engaged in the computational study of the functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes with macromolecules.  These atomistic simulations can be used to develop comprehensive models for the prediction for the functionalization of carbon nanomaterials.


Vernecia Persons                                                                        Doctoral Student

Savannah State University                                                          B. S. 2008

Advisor: Ishrat M. Khan

Vernecia is studying the properties of polymer nanocomposites. She is using multiscale modeling techniques in order to prepare for experimental work, which will investigate the effect of carbon nanotube wrapping of reinforced epoxy resins.

Kierra D. Wright                                                                          Doctoral Student

Carnegie Mellon University                                                          B.S. 2005

Advisor: Ishrat M. Khan

Kierra’s interests include renewable energy and biocompatible materials.  She is currently carrying out  topographical studies of biomimetic chiral tissue scaffolds. 


LaDena Holley-Bolton                                                                            Doctoral Student
Savannah State University                                                                       B. S. 2006
Advisor: Ishrat M. Khan

LaDena is interested in materials science, nanotechnolog and energy harvesting. Under investigation are block copolymers with well defined molecular weights and controlled functionality as well as water soluble layered double hydroxide-organic polymer nanocomposites. These nanocomposites have potential in vitro cancer chemotherapy as model delivery systems for in vivo therapeutics.

Laurenee London                                                                        Doctoral Student

Clark Atlanta University                                                            B. S. 2008

Advisor: James Bu

Laurenee is investigating the development of nano-material based sensors.  She is studying the dispersion of carbon nanotubes, polymer synthesis, surface modification of carbon nanotubes, and detection technology based on nano-materials. Of particular interest is the solubility enhancement of carbon nanotubes for practical applications.

Laurisa London                                                                           Doctoral Student

Clark Atlanta University                                                               B. S. 2008

Advisor: Ishrat M. Khan

Laurisa’s is currently working on the fabrication of nanofibers composed of synthetic functional polymers and gold nanoparticles for the study of material-cell interactions in support of the development of biosensors.

Kelvin Suggs                                                                                             Doctoral Student

Morehouse College                                                                                    B. S. 2000

Clark Atlanta Univeristy                                                                            M. S. 2011

Advisor: Eric Mintz

Kelvin is interested in performing multi-scale simulations and molecular modeling on graphene based nano-structures

Janet V. Cowins                                                                          Doctoral Student

Savannah State University                                                          B.S. 2009

Advisor: Ishrat Khan

Janet is currently interested in the utilization of polymers for more effective therapeutic drug delivery.  She is conducting studies on solubilizing β-Cyclodextrin as a drug delivery vehicle via the development of an aptamer functionalized polymer for use in cancer therapeutics.

Omotunde Olubi                                                                          Doctoral Student

University of Ibadan, Nigeria                                                       B.Sc. 1991

Advisor: Dr. Ishrat Khan

Omotunde is investigating the fabrication of nanowires from electroactive functional polymer/carbon nanotube composites.  She is synthesizing functional polymers and is carrying out nanofabrications.  The resulting nanofibers will be used for studying material-cell interaction in biomedical field with the  ultimate goal of being used as bio-sensors.

Duminda K. Samarakoon                                                                       Doctoral Student

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka                                                        B.Sc. 2004

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka                                                        M.Sc. 2007

Clark Atlanta University                                                                            M.S.  2010

Duminda is currently investigating the structural and electronic properties of functionalized graphene and graphene base derivatives

Tiana Shaw                                                                                 Doctoral Student

Clark Atlanta University                                                                            B.S. 2009

Advisor:  Dr .Michael Williams

Tiana is currently investigating polyaniline metal melt composites.  Her research involves the synthesis and characterization of polyaniline metal salt composites.  These composites will be used as a sensing materials for an environmental sensor for ammonia, which will be a more cost efficient and sensitive sensor.

Ian Stubbs                                                                                   Doctoral Student

Fort Valley State University                                                         B. S.

Advisor: Dr. Ishrat Khan

Ian is investigating the development of polymer nanocomposites containing carbon nanotubes.

John Melnyczuk                                                                          Doctoral Student

Advisor Xiu-ren Bu

Johns is investigating solar energy is an important part of alternative energy sources. His research is focused on developing nanomaterials, and using nanaomaterials to explore next generation of solar cells.  John will be using carbon nanotubes-based nanomaterials as light-harvesting components. These materials will be embedded in device to enhance solar energy generation efficiency.