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The Center in partnership with Emory University conducts the CFNM/PRISM Teacher Fellows Program. Problems and Research to Integrate Science and Mathematics (PRISM) is a joint program between Clark Atlanta University and Emory University that engages science and mathematics faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in collaborations with middle-and-high-school teachers in four Atlanta area school districts. The 2010 CFNM/PRISM Program will begin 7 June 2010. Interested individual are asked to click the link to the PRISM Website.


The Center as an integral part of its mission conducts in addition to its Nanoscholars Program offers summer research and educational experience for talented individuals from other institutions.  Thus the Center offers its Summer Nanoscholars Program, the CFNM/PRISM Fellow Program and the Nanoscholar Abroad Program.


Summer Nanoscholars Program (June 2 - July 16, 2011)    Online Application

The Summer Nanoscholars Program is conducted annually for a six to eight week period during the months of June and July. The goal of the Program is to provide an enriching education and research experience to talented undergraduate students, who are considering attending graduate or professional schools after graduation. The Summer Nanoscholars work under the direction of one of the Center's senior researchers on a project designed to yield significant results during the limited Summer period and to make a real contribution to the goals and objectives of an ongoing Center project. Each Summer Nanoscholar will work with a graduate Nanoscholar, who will mentor him/her during the summer research experience. During the course of the summer program, the Summer Nanoscholars will be introduced to a variety of research techniques and instruments, many of which are especially well suited for investigating the nanoscale. Furthermore, the Summer Nanoscholars meet weekly with the other summer scholars, the mentors, the director and other interested researchers to discuss topics of special interest. The summer research experience culminates with an informal presentation by the summer research scholar of their work and results.

The 2011 Nanoscholars Undergraduate Summer Program at Clark Atlanta University will begin June 2, 2011 and will end July 16, 2011. It is open to all undergraduate students majoring in one of the natural or physical sciences, who will have completed their freshman year. Each participant will have a personalized research project as well as have both a graduate student mentor and faculty advisor. This summer’s Program will include seminars, short courses, regular laboratory meetings and research presentations. Interested students may apply by completing the application found on this web site. Participating students will receive a stipend of $3,000.00 and will be required to commit a minimum of 40 hours per week to the program’s activities. Room, board and round-trip transportation to and from Atlanta will be provided.


The CFNM/ACS Nanoscholars Program is a joint undertaking of the Center for Functional Nanoscale Materials and the American Chemical Society’s Project SEED. This program seeks to provide to talented area high school students the opportunity of working along side university faculty and students on current projects in the area of the nanosciences. In addition to completing a personalized research project, the participants will have the opportunity to strengthen their skills in a number of areas that have been identified as challenges to college success. Each participant will have both a faculty mentor and graduate student guide who will help them as they develop their research project.

2011 Summer Nanoscholars Program Flyer


The Center’s Nanoscholars Program works with the University’s students, who are enrolled in degree programs in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics at the University. It seeks to provide to each student a broad-based educational and developmental experience that will ensure success at the University and in graduate school as well as provide a foundation for an exceptionally productive professional career. The Nanoscholars form a community in which advanced students accept the responsibility for mentoring the newer scholars, and the senior scientists are actively involved in ensuring the education and growth of each Nanoscholar. In addition to being active in research, their academic program is augmented by distance learning experiences and opportunities to work in other research laboratories both in the United States and abroad.



Shanice Estrada             Clark Atlanta University
Jenessica Howard         
Mark Patton                     Clark Atlanta University 
Devon Smith                    Clark Atlanta University
Stacey Smith                       

Sharee Ashford               Fort Valley State University
Latasha Battle                 Georgia Perimeter College
DeNiya Dozier                 Fort Valley State University
Brandy Jones                  Clark Atlanta University
Sylvia Wandu                   Georgia Perimeter College 

Marcus Johnson              Clark Atlanta University
Andrea Jones                  Fort Valley State University
Christian Mustroph          Wake Forest University
Raquel Rosier                 Clark Atlanta University
Coria Smith                     Clark Atlanta University
Sharnek Walker              Fort Valley State University
Anika Wallace                 Fort Valley State University
Shanice Williams            Fort Valley State University

Ariel Cobb                        Clark Atlanta University
Johnny Green                   Southern University Shreveport
Tahirah Heath                  Clark Atlanta University
Toie Hicks                        Fort Valley State University
Bertha Hill                         Fort Valley State University
Noor Mohamed                Georgia Perimeter College
Jennifer Msigwa               Xavier University of Louisiana
Shanice Scott                   Fort Valley State University
Sarah St. John                 Kentucky State University

Kim Alston                     Westlake High School
Joel Aquino                    Westlake High School
William Bagot                Douglas High School

Yolanda McKee             Carver School of Technology
Janiele Lewis                 McNair High School

Yvette Gilbert                  Miller Groove High School
Robert Hairston              Cedar Grove High School
Lawrence Harris             South Atlanta School of Health and
                                                   Medical Science
Yolanda McKee              Carver School of Technology

Kyshia Ewing                 Cedar Grove High School
Lark Lewis                      Hapeville Charter Career Academy
Malissa Summer            McNair Middle School
Deirdre Mitchell              McNair Middle School







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